Wilko Journal

Connecting healthy lifestyle through the exploration of food, fitness, travel and self care.  Wilko Journal is your destination for diving deeper into the understanding of how and why certain health practices work better than others, finding the joy in making healthy choices that help balance out your body, as well as tips to some of the best destinations to travel, play, sweat and indulge.  Founder Chelsey Wilkens created Wilko Journal as a reliable source for the community to tap into and better understand the individual opportunities that become available to us.

Wilko Journal features fitness and health beyond the trends and will help explain the science behind how our bodies truly function.  Spotlighting industry greats, from fitness experts, dieticians, models, chefs and designers, you will get a taste of how everyone uses their own unique tools for motivation, health, pleasure and everything in between.

About Chelsey

Chelsey Wilkens is a holistic health professional, that began teaching fitness as a way to reconnect your body, back to your body.  Health manifests its self way beyond the physical body, and in care for not only the emotional, but in addressing each of our important senses from inherent grit, passion, exploration, healing, and ultimate gratification.  From a childhood of gymnastics and mountain sports, personal training from New York to Sydney and teaching yoga retreats worldwide, Chelsey believes life should be a continued expedition towards progress, and hopes that Wilko Journal will be your guide.