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There are 100 reasons we can’t make it to the gym, but you don’t have to let these reasons get in the way of your progress.  Working out is not just about your physical progress but its a learned behavior to take care of your mental state as well.  Working out should give you energy to take on the laundry list of things you must do in the day, give you the mental clarity to be patient and driven, and the emotional strength of taking care of yourself daily.

First off, dedicate 20 minutes every day (yes every single day!) to move.  This can be a walk, run, stretch, jump rope, bike, dance, swim, bedroom romp… whatever it is, write it into your schedule at the time that you will actually be able to commit to it.  If you know you are always running late for work, then maybe schedule this after work, on your lunch break, or, if you enjoy the hustle… looks like you just found your 20 minutes of movement!

This workout is a great supplement for your 20 minutes of movement and will ensure your Abs, Arms and Ass are headed to the top of your to do list!  Complete all four sets of the three exercises in group A before moving on to the four exercises in group B.  The first exercise in A and B are metabolic, this is to boost your heart rate and your metabolism.  

Total Body Workout

Get back into shape in the new year with our total body workout on the go!

Posted by COOLS on Tuesday, January 9, 2018


  1. A: 4 Sets
  • Jump ropes 50 reps
  • Burpees 10 reps
  • Deadbugs 10 reps
  1. B: 4 Sets
  • Step ups (each side) 15 reps
  • Glute bridge (each side) 15 reps
  • Tricep dips 15 reps
  • Knee Ups 15 reps

Jump rope:

This is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to travel with and use anywhere, RX is the best on the market and will help you get the length and weight that you need.  When beginning to jump rope, think about the rope landing about a foot in front of you, each jump should be small and come more from a press from your ankles then from a deep bent knee jump.  We are aiming for speed, so keep the arms in close to your hips with elbows back, it will be a flick of the wrist rather then an arm circle that will get you moving quickly with less effort.  If you are comfortable with jump roping you can start practicing double unders.  This is where you jump a little higher to get the rope under twice (not much else should change).


Keep your hips high as you jump back into your plank.  When you pushup, think about your triceps.  The key to strong lean arms is strong triceps!  So pull your elbows in about 15° and make sure your shoulders are drawing away from your ears.  When you jump in, the higher you are able to get your hips the more time your feet have to land in between your hands.


Lying down, you want to create equal tension throughout your four limbs.  Pressing opposite arm into knee to stabilize the hips, your free arm and leg will slowly lower and lift moving with your breath. Exhale as you reach down, inhale as the arm and leg lift creating a deeper contraction with your abs pulling down towards your spine.  Keep shoulders pressing into the floor.


Step ups:  

Like the dead bug, we are moving contralateral (its how you walk naturally).  Keep arms in towards the body arms at 90°.  Your knee and opposite arm should lift up together, followed by a hop, then return to your starting position. Let the hop be small, controlled, and quick.

Glute bridge:  

Lying on your back, make sure your heals are close enough to your hips that you can touch your heals with your finger tips.  While lifting one leg, you will lift your hips as high as possible, lowering your entire back to the ground at the same time.  Make sure your shoulders are tucked away from the ears, keeping length in the back of your neck.

Tricep dip:  

With your hands shoulder width apart, keeping your hips back towards the bench the entire time.  Make sure that as you lower down, your shoulders are drawing back towards each other and elbows reaching back.  At the top, push down tall locking out the arms, and pressing shoulders down away from your ears.

Knee ups:  

Lying in a hollow body position, find a height for your legs that they can be low enough that you can still keep your lower back totally flat.  If you feel any tension in your back, begin with your legs slightly higher.  As you pull your knees into your chest, you will sit up as tall as possible and should feel as if you are sitting up from your collar bone rather than the shoulders.  Try to keep feet and knees together.

Follow the video for a step by step on how to burn fat on the go.

Head of Video: Tina Rosh   DP: Paul Terrie